Rare Organic Dańkowskie Platinum Rye
+ 5x Distilling + Pristine Water

Platinum Rye

Premium Winter Grain
The rare organic Dańkowskie platinum rye used for making Snowaters is the most premium grade winter grain and also recognized as a gold standard grain for the vodka. It is grown on a single estate located in extremely cold and snowy region of Poland.
This rye is organically cultivated in a serene natural environment using natural water from the glacial lakes and spends minimum 80 days under the snow, which adds a special character and flavor to it.

Craftsmanship of Distillation

5x Distilled
Earth, water and sky are the major contributors in the making of this vodka and it is a reward of nature brought to you by true craftsmanship of distillation, during which, Snowaters is distilled for minimum 5 times until it reaches the perfection cut and then, it is married with pristine natural spring water.


Blessed with Nature
Snowaters is made using the rare organic Dankowskie rye from a certified “organic single estate” that lies in the remote location of northern Poland and is blessed with glacial water lakes, fresh air, dry, cold winter and long summer. The entire process of making Snowaters is organic and thus Snowaters is certified as organic from EKOCERT (European Union Organic Certification Body).

Playful Luxury

Unique Design
After we created Snowaters – the extraordinary vodka with a distinct character that is very luxurious and yet playful – it was a big challenge to create an appropriate packaging for it. We wanted the packaging to complement the character of the vodka inside it and set it apart from the other vodka products on the crowded market-shelves.
We solved this challenge by procuring unique clean design.

Polska Vodka

Proud to be Polish
Snowaters is produced in accordance with the strict legal requirements of Polska Vodka and contains no sugar or additives.
Yes, you have heard it right – nothing else is added in this exceptionally crafted ultra-premium Polish vodka.
Distilled & Bottled in Poland. Proud to be Polish.
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