Snowaters is an organic Polish vodka made from the rare single-estate rye known as Dańkowskie Platinum Rye. The organic rye is unique among grains and is highly sought-after by makers of premium and super-premium Polish vodkas.

Snowaters Vodka
Snowaters Vodka

Platinum Rye

The rye is grown on only one estate in northern Poland where winters are cold and snowy. The snow, however, provides a deep blanket protecting the dormant rye from the harsh weather above ground. In a typical year the rye will spend 80 days underneath its snowy covering, which gives it a deep flavor and character even before it starts to grow.

When the warmer spring weather arrives, the snows melt and provide a pure water source to nurture the rye till it reaches a state of absolute perfection. Water from melting glacial lakes in the region also adds to the taste and purity of the grain, which has become the gold standard for Polish vodka production. That’s how Snowaters was born.

Snowaters Organic Polish Vodka

Snowaters organic Polish vodka takes only the best of the organic Dańkowskie Platinum Rye and distils it at least five times until the Master Distiller achieves what he knows is the perfect cut, and the spirit is then blended with pristine natural spring water. Snowaters single-estate rye vodka is certified organic by EKOCERT (the European Union Organic Certification Body) and USDA ORGANIC. Snowaters is the first organic vodka imported into the USA from Poland.

The fact that our spirit is organic gives Snowaters single-estate rye vodka a smooth and pure taste with a natural sweetness. The result is the kind of perfection you would hope to find in a hand-made small-batch vodka.


Zero Sugar

It’s common for vodka distillers in some countries to add sugar to their vodka, to try to mask any impurities in the flavor, and to appeal to the sweet tooth of many consumers. At Snowaters we believe people are sophisticated enough to appreciate the pure taste of the spirit, which has a velvety smooth flavor and needs only the natural sugars within the rye grain. No sugar or other additives are needed to create Snowaters. Snowaters represents the essence of purity.

Meeting Polish Vodka’s
High Standards

Poland has strict regulations on the way that vodka is produced if the makers want to use the words ‘Polish Vodka’ or ‘Polska Wódka’. According to EU law the vodka must, of course, be made entirely in Poland. Under Polish law, no additives can be introduced. Snowaters is proudly made with the best Polish rye and water, is distilled and bottled in Poland, according to Polish vodka regulations, and is then exported to discerning vodka lovers around the world.

Snowaters Vodka

Snowaters Represents Purity

Snowaters single-estate rye vodka represents purity and is so smooth that it can be sipped neat, unlike cheaper vodkas. As with the finest whiskies, the addition of a small amount of water to the vodka can help to bring out more of the natural flavors of the spirit. You can also enjoy Snowaters on the rocks, though we recommend only using ice cubes made from a quality bottled water. Snowaters: pure celebrations.

Snowaters Polish Vodka Cocktails

Snowaters organic Polish vodka is also perfect to add a pure vodka taste to your vodka cocktails.

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